Leader in the application of studs

STEAL is an Italian company specialized in the application of semifinished products for the fashion industry in leather goods, footwear and clothing. STEAL provides 360-degree services.
Continuously researching new products and processes to benefit clients, STEAL pays attention to details, using premium raw materials that are synonymous with Made in Italy quality, the perfect union of artisan tradition and technological innovation.
We prefer getting straight to the point, therefore we like clients coming directly to our production department so they can see and touch what we do.


STEAL sets studs and rivets on leather for 100% Made in Italy leather goods, footwear and accessories.
It also applies various shapes and sizes of eyelets on leather goods, as well as creating laser processes.
STEAL has been working in the fashion industry for over thirty years, with leather goods, footwear and accessories, and it is specialized in applying studs, rivets, eyelets, and embellishments on leather and other materials, as well as perforating, cutting and engraving by laser.

Stud Application

Metal studs are an accessory used in the clothing sector.
This accessory can be a simple functional component or create true works of art.

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Rivet Application

Rivets serve the technical purpose of fastening two metal elements: once assembled it cannot be separated, therefore guaranteeing a robust and long-lasting fastening solution.

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Eyelet Application

Eyelets are small metal rings that can be applied on leather clothing and accessories and their purpose is purely decorative.

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STEAL cuts leather for belts and clothing using cutting-edge technologies and manual expertise.

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The particular perforation along the belt, including the buckles and colors, make this leather accessory fit for a casual look, perfect for lovers of a classic, vintage and above all rock and roll style.

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Laser processes

Leather laser working is an increasingly used technique to create products for the fashion sectors.

Contract Processing Services

STEAL is a flexible company that adapts to market and client needs:

Contract Work on Belts

Contract Work on Bags

Contract Work on Footwear

Contract Work on Clothing

Contract Work on Leather Goods

About us

STEAL was founded in 1986 by two brothers, Stefano and Alessandro, who grew the business as if raising a child, making it a leader in the Italian market of stud application. It all started in a small room, then moved to a garage until becoming the company it is today, whose work is requested by premium brands now as then.

STEAL is a family-run business celebrating 36 years with passion and experience. It is specialized in applying small decorative elements on a vast array of leather goods, guaranteeing reliability and quality.

50% of the company is made up of a family bond, the rest of personnel who are continuously developing professionally: 100% is the result of the teamwork that has led the company to becoming a business model. “The work environment is positive, people are satisfied and proud to work with us, but above all, we always aim to improve the work-life balance.”

Our Clients

STEAL offers its clients efficacious solutions to reach their functional, quality and esthetic goals.
This is made possible by creating continuity between the request and the finished product.
The entire product development and finalization cycle is managed internally and in collaboration with our clients.

Shoe factories

Belt manufacturers


Store owners





Steal only produces and distributes outstanding belts, that is why it acquires raw materials exclusively from Italian suppliers.


Steal is also specialized in the production of bracelets with studs. Various forms and techniques are employed, but creativity is an integral part of the work.